Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 18, 2010

What a day! A good one, but busy! And windy! My allergies are working overtime! The wind has finally died down, though. I spent the day at my friend, Marcia's again getting her netbook set up & the wireless set up. I can honestly say, I hate HP computers! And, Win7! But, she's good to go with her desktop & netbook now. She can get back to writing more J/D fanfic! Yay!
Went to Whole Foods after I was done, as it is not far from her home. Love that store! Got some yummy stuff. Even found buffalo meat! They always have something unusual there! Got some quail & some duck legs, too. Along with fruit & other goodies.
Came home & my mom said the wind gusts were so bad that one of my little temporary gates on the deck nearly blew away twice! She no sooner went out & put it back in place, went inside & it got blown over the second time. One piece of the wood cracked, too. I'll have to fix that this weekend.
Last night I get the PCtoTV gadget set up & it works great! I think I need to get some little speakers for my laptop, though. The internal speakers aren't loud enough to hear across the room, so I know my mom will complain that she can't hear the movies or whatever I play on there. Unless I hooked something up wrong & I'm supposed to be able to hear it through the TV's speakers ... hmmm.
There is no CSI on tonight!!! Damn ball games ... And, Supernatural is a repeat from last month! Ugh.
Kids noisily playing basketball outside my window ... can't concentrate on anything. Even went to bedroom to use the computer in there & still hear them ... Arrrrghggh.
Trying to watch old Home Improvement series on TVLand. Loved that show.

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