Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2, 2010

It's a rainy day today. My mom doesn't want to go shopping, so that's alright. She's 70 today.
I'm just going to relax & try not to have a headache (fighting it right now.) I didn't drink enough fluids yesterday, I think.
Going to read fanfic & create stationery all day.
I'm having trouble getting my butt in gear this morning. I have plans to bake some cookies before I get to playing on the computer ... but, it's not happening ...
And, now my mom wants to do the dishes, so I have to wait anyway ... so, I guess I will do some chair exercises. I've been very lazy about exercising this past week. Not good.
Finally got my chair, face & resistence ring exercises done.
Just finished a stat of Matthew Gray Gubler when he was still modeling. Here's the artwork I made for it:

Well, crap. I don't have the all of the ingredients for the next batch of cookies I want to make ... so, that will have to wait until the weekend ...
So, time to eat some lunch & then create some more.
My internet connection sucks again. So, much for Wave upgrading ... I'm losing my patience!
I've got a damn headache ... internet connection still sucks. I don't feel like riding the exercycle & haven't for a week! Bad. Sun is coming out ...
Finished another stat. This one of Jensen Ackles when he was younger:

I've been uninstalling more things from my old XP computer. Writing down what they are so I can track the programs down again when I need them. I'm going to eventually do a factory restore on that computer, but I want to see what all I had installed that I used to like using a lot before I started using this laptop more often.

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