Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20, 2010

Yesterday, Quinn and Gemini were born 22 years ago ... they saved my life & I still miss them.
Was a pretty day today. It is a bit overcast right now, though.
Watered all the plants this morning. Took down all the birdfeeders & birdbaths & scrubbed them. Will be filling the feeders in a few minutes. The bath is done. Want to plant the Cosmos seeds yet this afternoon.
Watched the movie Julie & Julia earlier. That was a fun movie. I'm downloading Mamma Mia now to watch tomorrow. I'm using the PCtoTV gadget so I don't have to burn them unless they are something I really want to save to my collection. Works really well!
Also watched a couple of short videos of John Barrowman talking about the tracks on his newest album (with Charlie, CJ & Harris on the couch with him!):

I planted the Cosmos seeds in the bin with the tomato seedlings & added a packet of time-release fertilizer. Can't wait to see if they come up.
Bird feeders are filled and hanging up again. Need to get more ...
Our flowering cabbages have little yellow flowers. Interesting plant. One of them got over 2 feet tall! That was the white one. The purple one didn't even get half that tall. The snapdragons have started blooming. Still have stocks, violets, allysum, rosemary, lavendar & blueberry bush that are continuing to bloom. Very pretty. I'll try to remember to take some pics tomorrow.
I'm going to go outside & read a chapter of Torchwood Twilight Streets.
I read 2 chapters in my book. It's been so nice outside today. It's 70 degrees right now. Lovely.
We're having lamb chops & gnocci with Italian herb pasta sauce for dinner.
I'm thinking of starting up my Pando sharing again. I don't think I am going to do it in a blog again, though. I think I will set up a private Yahoogroup for my friends that I mostly share with ... Maybe tomorrow. Getting too tired right now.

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