Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010

Got only one store done today, here in Woodland. But, that's okay. Got home & paid a bunch of bills, so we are almost broke again!
Need to get something made for lunch. I think I'll make a smoothie again.
I think that smoothie I made earlier was the best one I have made, so far! The extra blackberries really did the trick!
I finally found the OS software for my XP computer. I can finally get the complete factory restore done tomorrow.
Not sure why, but I'm getting a rash on my hand. I haven't been too stressed today & haven't eaten anything really different today ... have to find the allergy cream ...
Looking forward to the new Criminal Minds tonight. Matthew Gray Gubler makes his professional directing debut. He's the one that plays Dr. Spencer Reid on the show. He said in an interview today that he was so sad about finishing the episode that he cut his hair!
Well, Criminal Minds was very good tonight. I'd say Matt Gubler has a future as a director.
Off the next 2 days as my mom has more dr. appts. I have to take her to. And, we need to go shopping after tomorrow's appt. Need groceries.

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