Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

I have been so lazy about keeping up with my blog every day. But, my life is so boring sometimes there is just nothing to say!
I haven't even been exercising much this month. So bad! I really need to get back to it! I blame my mom & her dr. appts. She's had so many this month that have interfered with my work schedule so that I just haven't had the energy to exercise. And, next month she has more! This clinic she goes to now is much better & seems to be catching her up on stuff that was never offered at the one she went to for 9 years. They even finally got her dentist appts!
I bought a beautiful carnation at Trader Joe's yesterday. It is a dusty pink with darker edges to the petals. They were my grandfather's favorite flowers. He loved the white with red edges. I need to take a picture of it.

I didn't mention it over the weekend because I didn't want to jinx it ... but, mama dove has a new chick. It hatched Friday night or early Sat. morning. It's 4 days old now & seems to be doing well. Getting heavy & mama is feeding it well. Had to put in a second nest when I got home today, as the younger female laid an egg in the food bowl while I was at work.

Still trying to decide on a name change for one of my yahoogroups. It's called Frugal Emporium, but it just doesn't seem to fit & it's not very searchable ... I want to change it Thursday, I think.
If anyone is interested, you can find my new groups here:
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuinGemsFrugalEmporium/ -food & recipe group
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/QuinGemsFicRecs/ -fanfiction recs
http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PandoEmporium/ -sharing with Pando files

I just joined the National Home Gardening Club. I got some more free seeds. More Cosmos & also Baby's Breath. Need to get them planted this week. I'll be getting lots of free stuff from them. I'm waiting for my free clippers & knee rest pad. Oh, also got the first issue of their magazine. Need to read that.
Just finished my chair, face & resistance ring exercises. Need to get motivated to ride the exercycle ...
Finally caught up on all my surveys! I really need to get back to doing them as soon as they arrive in my inbox! I didn't do any for 2 weeks and really missed out on earning points and cash!
Well, I didn't get a picture of my carnations, but will do that tomorrow.

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