Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 31, 2010

I got 3 stores serviced here in Woodland today. So, I'm all done working for the week! Yay!
Came home & had a yummy Trader Joe's chicken lasagne for lunch! I will definitely buy that again!
I just got finished weeding in the garden for the past hour. It is really getting overcast & breezy so I had to come in before my breathing started to act up. Took an allergy pill. It did rain a bit overnight & the weather folks say we may get some more today.
Last night, poor Jorgy about got caught up in a neighborhood cat fight when I took her out for her last potty. Two cats came flying over the fence into the yard & nearly landed on top of her! She was shaking for a while after that!
Time for some exercises!
Got my chair, face & resistence ring exercises done. Still can't motivated to ride the exercycle!!!! May have to force myself ... :(
We're going to have blackberry crepes for dinner! Yum!
My mom harvested some of our curly parsley & cilantro this morning. They are really growing well! So is the catnip! Wish the tomatoes were doing as well! I don't think the peppers survived though.
The rains and flooding in the east seems to have affected the Foster Grant offices in Rhode Island today. The office was understaffed, so all our reps calls were sent to voicemail until someone could get back to them. Luckily, someone was able to put a note on our website & I didn't have a need to call them anyway.
Candace (my cat) is driving me crazy today!! Such a pest. She keeps getting under my office chair & feet & I'm going to end up hurting her when I roll the chair!!!
And, yesterday, I knew I was going to jinx the baby dove ... mama abandoned it ...:(

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