Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 4, 2010

It's been a long, tiring day.
Took my mom to her 10am dr. appt. for a bone density test. We were only there for about 15 minutes. Shortest dr. visit she's ever had, I think. I didn't even get a whole chapter read in Torchwood Trace Memory!
Then, I took her to Ruby Tuesday for lunch, as I had a $10 off coupon. Very good lunch. I had chicken quesadillas, salad & rasberry lemonade.
Then we went to Food 4 Less. I hate that store. Spent $100 more than planned then had to rush home and shuffle some money around in my bank accounts.
Watching the local news & all the coverage on the college kids protesting in Davis, etc. It's sad that they feel they have to do this, but also pathetic because it won't change anything for them.
Glad we were done in Davis quickly this morning as they blocked the freeway entrance we took afterward.
Hope they are done next week, as I have 5 stores to service in Davis next week.
Just finished watching the newest CSI. It was ... odd. The Rascal Flatts storyline was good, but I didn't like the political intrigue one. It didn't make a lot of sense.
I just put Jorgy to bed & think I will follow her. Have to take my mom to another dr. appt. tomorrow to her heart dr. in Sacramento for some kind of test.

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