Monday, April 5, 2010

I feel like crap ... but, I have to at least go to the IRS office today.
Well, it went the way I expected. I have to mail the papers. They can't take them at the office ... bummer. Will make copies & mail them in the morning.
Just got home. I was able to get 1 store serviced after I went to the IRS office.
Found these wonderful clips of the Glee cast at the White House Easter Egg Hunt:

Well, I never found my pre-cut labels, but I used thick paper & got all the dvd covers printed & cut out. I'm all caught up on everything I had previously burned! Yay! No pieces of scrap paper stuck in the jewel cases any more.
Had mac & cheese with chicken chunks mixed in and steamed veggies (bell pepper strips/broccoli) for dinner. It wasn't bad.
My mom has a dentist appt. tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to try to get my Dixon CVS store serviced in the morning.

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