Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1, 2010

Been a busy morning already! Got 3 loads of laundry done. Took the steam cleaner outside & cleaned it for the first time ever. It was still all grungy from always using it at the apartment! It's drying in the sun now. I have 2 areas on the carpet I want to clean today. Need to vacuum later ...
Got some maintenance done in one of the yahoogroups I mod. We had a group census last month & unsubbed about a dozen members who didn't bother responding. Hate it when people join a group and don't participate. Why bother joining ... it's just rude.
Had to dispose of baby dove this morning. Next time someone hatches, I won't announce it until the baby is eating on its own!
Need to go make a smoothie for my snack. I think it will be apples & blackberries today.
Not thrilled with my smoothie ... too many grape tomatoes, I think.
Looks like we are losing a neighbor ... too bad it's not the one with the kids.
Finally got the vacuuming done! Now to rest before I steam clean part of the carpet. I also brushed Candace & clipped her nails & Jorgy's nails. And, my nails ...;)
Getting really worn out! Got the patch of carpet cleaned in the craft room that had some stains. Now I need to get the energy to do the section in the living room that has stains. No way I'd be able to do the entire carpets in each room today. Too much. But, the spot cleaning helps.
There. I'm totally worn out now. Hope I don't have to do that again any time soon. Will let the cleaner sit out on the porch & dry out now. The rooms smell like peppermint now, as I made up a peppermint castile soap shampoo.
Sadly, my friend Inger's niece, Henriette didn't make it through XFactor Denmark last month. Luckily, she and the rest of the Fireflies did get a contract with a recording company in the US, though!!! So exiting. Inger has made them a website, which you can follow here: Check out all the vids she's added and other content! Very talented young ladies.
Darn CBS has CSI on at 9pm tonight, instead of 8pm! Against Supernatural! And, both are new episodes!!!!

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