Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010

It's cold this morning. But, gotta go out in it. Need to go shopping & my mom wants to go to Costco to stock up on meat to fill the chest freezer.
Have a lot I want to get done around the house today, but don't know if I will have the energy to get it all done. I really wore myself out yesterday.
Apparently the kitchen sink overflowed overnight ... drain backed up for some reason ... probably because my mom has a bad habit of putting things in the garbage disposal & not running it ... my mom came out in the night to see the mess & told me about it this morning. I need to put cleaner down all the drains & make sure why it happened. Need to buy more vinegar when we go out.
Just got back from Costco. I'm broke again, of course! Almost $250. But, I did get a huge Beefsteak tomato plant that is already blooming! Actually there are 3 plants in the container. Only $9.99. Need to get soil next week to fill one of the 18-gallon bins to replant them.
Need to get some lunch now.
My mom is sorting through the meat we bought at Costco. Repackaging into smaller portions. I just had to slice all the pork steaks in half. They were very thick cuts. Yuck. I hate touching meat!
Caught up with today's surveys. I'm trying not to let them sit in my inbox indefinitely! I did that last month & missed out on points and cash! Shame. I was also reminded by a friend that I never contacted the local focus group when I moved! No wonder I haven't been getting any calls from them! Used to make several hundred bucks a year from them! How did I forget that! Off to their website now!
Got all my chair, face & resistence ring exercises done. I think I will finally get back on the exercycle now!
Whew! I am out of shape already! Rode 17.3 mph for 2 miles for 6.37 minutes & burned only 99 calories! And, I read a chapter of Torchwood Pack Animals.
Now, to rest a bit and then hopefully clean the walls in my bathroom. I'm still needing to get the remodelling done in there. But, no extra money to do it all right now.
But, first I will be making a fresh smoothie. Bought lots of fruit at Costco! I'm thinking strawberry/apple with some parsley & grape tomatoes ...
MMMMMM. Smoothie turned out really good. Forgot the parsley, though! Next time, though!
Changed the name of one of my Yahoogroups. I just wasn't happy with it. So, QuinGem's Frugal Emporium is now QuinGem's Recipe Trading Post:
So, come on by and trade recipes with us or talk about food!
I didn't get my bathroom worked on today, so moved it over to tomorrow's list. My back is bothering me too much right now. So, I am just working on organizing the fic recs in one of my groups into databases. Easier to find the fics.
Jorgy is being such a pest! I need to give her a bath tomorrow. I think she picked up a flea outside! She's rubbing the back of her rump on anything she can get under. She's making a red spot.
If any of you use water filters for your drinking water, which do you recommend for doing the best job, reasonable price for refill filters, & best tasting water? We have used Crystal Geyser bottled water for the past 10 years since we came back to California. I loved our spring well water in Florida. I never drank water before we moved to Florida. The water here in Woodland (& in West Sacramento) is vile. And, you can smell the chlorine ... But, we really want to try to get away from all the wasteful plastic bottles ...
I'm watching the first episode of Miami Medical ... so far, I'm not really liking it ...

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