Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010

Didn't get much sleep last night. Trouble breathing. Wore out this morning ... but, have so much I need to get done! Guess I better get some cereal for breakfast & have the rest of the smoothie I made yesterday.
I watched the first episode of Miami Medical last night. Was not impressed. More disappointed. I tried it out because it was made by Jerry Bruckheimer, creator of CSI. And, I usually like Jeremy Northam. But, didn't like it. Should have watched a rerun of Criminal Minds, instead.
Topped off the water in the fish tanks & cleaned the inside glass. Now to work on the doves' cage & put in another level to put the nests up higher.
Fishies are all done for the week. Have to find a saw to cut the perch I need to use as a brace for the new level on the birdcage. I know I have a hacksaw around here somewhere! Need to rest a few minutes, though.
Just gave Jorgy a bath. Maybe she'll stop rubbing her back on everything!
Guess I'll go dig through the car parts outside & see if I can find that hacksaw ...
I did it! The doves now have an upper level in their cage for 2 nests and one water bowl. They are already checking things out.
Now I can rest for a while before lunch! We're going to watch Sherlock Holmes after lunch.
Had a yummy cashew butter & raspberry jelly sandwich for lunch. Then I made a new smoothie for the day. One apple, 1 clementine, 5 big strawberries, 10 grape tomatoes, 1 T. protein powder, 1 T. wheat germ, 1 T. aloe juice, 1 cup water. I forgot the parsely again, though!
I got my chair, face & resistence ring exercises done & also 10 counter push-ups. Tried to add a 10 second squat to my chair exercises, but too painful. Will have to work up to that.
Well, we tried to watch Sherlock Holmes ... but, it was awful! Many of the scenes were too dark, Robert Downey, Jr. mumbled so much we could barely understand him & I hate stop-motion photography! Didn't even get through an hour of it. I'll stick with Basil! So, we watched the first 2 episodes of Criminal Minds instead.
I'm having problems getting anything burned to dvd today. None of my programs are reading the .avi files on either computer. I'm getting frustrated!!
I'm soooo annoyed. Couldn't get any of my old programs on the desktop to cooperate in burning movies. So, I'm back on the laptop learning a new program that came with it. Toshiba DVD Movie Factory. Seems to be an easy program, but the movie I want to burn is too long, so trying to get it to AutoFit, which takes a while.

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