Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

Yay! I burned my first dvd in over a year! And, it works on all my dvd players! Need to re-install my cover art program to print the cover for it. Will do later. If I can find the software and my label packs!
Wish I could figure out why Star Trek won't burn, though. I'm wondering if it is because it was ripped from a Blu-Ray. More research needed.
Time to go to the pharmacy to pick up some RX for my mom. Going to get a water filter pitcher, too, and see if that really does get the chlorine taste & smell out of Woodland water ...
This day has just flown by. I haven't accomplished much. I did get a Culligan filter pitcher from Walgreen's. Have it filled, but haven't tried the water yet.
I got another copy of Star Trek. A DVDrip & it is burning just fine.
And, I found my Memorex Expressit labeling software & guide. Just can't find all my labels! I had a new pack of 50 before we moved! They have to be here somewhere!
I also found another little program I'm going to install called MiPony that pulls stuff from Rapidshare, etc.
Got some papers from IRS in the mail. I messed up on my return! Forgot to send a copy of the papers that prove how much we are paying for our home! They need that so I can get the big credit! Will be going to their office in Sacramento & hope I can give a copy to them & not have to mail a copy! I don't look forward to that, but it's my fault.
It's finally raining. Love the sound.
Got my potatoes peeled for tonight's dinner. Just have to mix the spices up in a few minutes & toss them in the oven.
My mom is going to rotisserie a chicken to go with it.
There seems to have been an earthquake in Baja that was felt in Los Angeles. 7.3! No real news about it yet, though. Just an email alert & a tweet from my local news station.
Got my fan potatoes started & my mom was going to start the chicken, but the damn disposal is messing up again. So, I'm cleaning it ... there! It's clear until the next time she clogs it up!
She's stuffing the chicken with fresh cilantro and parsley. Should give it a nice flavor.
GAAAAHH! After 4.5 hours trying to burn Star Trek, there was an 'unknown error'! I give up. I didn't like the movie as much as my mom did, anyway.
Dinner was yummy. I forgot to take pictures for my recipe group, though! It turned out real good.
Sounds like the rain has stopped for a bit. Going to close up, though. Tomorrow looks to be a busy day & with my lousy breathing lately, I need to rest.

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