Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7, 2010

It's been another lazy morning. Viola cancelled our meeting as she was sick, so I only went to service 1 store today.
Made a yummy grilled cheese sandwich with the Italian Herb Bread I made last night. I'll definitely use that bread recipe again. Then I made an apple/strawberry smoothie.
I just planted my free Cosmos & Baby's Breath seeds outside. The Cosmos I'd planted a couple of weeks ago is sprouting, I think.
Going to try to remember to watch Oprah at 4pm as the cast of Glee is on. I haven't watched Oprah in ages! I think it was when the Bee Gees released their One Night Only album! 1997!
Got all my chair & resistence ring exercises done. Added about 6 more exercises I found to my chair exercise list.
Just listened to an interview from yesterday of Larry Manetti. It was interesting. He reminisced about his time on Magnum, his friendship with Frank Sinatra, his cooking & his book, among other things.
I'm exhausted! I've been working on my bathroom for 45 minutes! Pulled off some of the rounded molding along the ceiling; washed part of the walls, took apart the metal shelving & took outside in hopes I can get it painted this weekend with silver chrome paint & glossy white on the small cabinet section. It is from the 1950s & has lots of rust spots I'll have to smooth with sandpaper first. And, I fought with the blinds & got them off the window & took down the curtain rod to paint, too. I really need to get this bathroom done as much as I can without money. Luckily, I had bought some of the stuff a few months ago. Tomorrow, I hope to get the rest of the molding off and the rest of the walls washed down.
Glee on Oprah was pretty good. Would have rather had more singing or interview with the cast instead of the Burbank Glee Club taking up time ... oh, well. New Glee episodes start up again on Tuesday! Yay!
The Criminal Minds spin-off was pretty good. I like Forest Whitaker. He'll make a good team leader if the new show takes off.
Viola is better, so will meet her tomorrow & work a new store together. Should be an easy day.

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