Monday, May 10, 2010

May 10, 2010

I got 1 store serviced today as planned. I also stopped at Del Taco on the way home as I had a coupon for a free taco. I bought a couple of churros, too. Yum. I have another coupon I'll use tomorrow!
Got home just in time for the sky to open up. It's even been hailing a bit. Like rock salt bouncing on the ground before it melts.
I just made a very yummy banana/blueberry smoothie with cashew butter in it. I've never added nut butter to a smoothie before.
I can't seem to warm up since I got home. I'm sitting here wrapped in my electric throw! Brrr.
I should set a movie up on the TV via the laptop. But, I don't want to move from my warm seat here ...
Damn, I'm really freezing now. I had to go outside and find where a leak in one of the front windows is coming from. Looks like I need to replace some caulking around the frame on top. Of course, that is about 15 feet above my head. So, somehow, I will have to get the extension ladder to reach up there. I hope it is dry next weekend, so I can get that done. Don't want a leak making more of a mess for longer than necessary.
I think I am out of canned air ... my keyboard is filthy ...
Now, I'm trying to re-install my DVD Maker on the desktop ... I found the CD-Rom for it, but I can't find the actual hardware ... guess I didn't want to reinstall it today ... it's around here somewhere, though.
I found what I want for Christmas! Ha! A Western Digital Media Player! That would be so much easier than hauling the laptop, speakers, etc. across the room to play something on the TV or even to burn to disk! The price might go down a bit by then, too. They are about $100 at Fry's Electronics right now.
Oklahoma is getting hit hard by tornadoes ... Seminole Airport damaged. Lots of cars overturned on the freeways ... scary. Even the National Weather Center in Norman got hit!
I am stuffed. All we had was hot wings & biscuits, but I can't breathe I'm so stuffed!
I'm feeling very blah right now ... no energy. My breathing has been sucky today, so might be part of it ...
I don't think I'll be getting any of my exercises done ... although I did 10 counter push-ups when I got home earlier ...

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