Saturday, May 15, 2010

May 15, 2010

I took several pics of Baby Dove this morning. He's learned to climb to the edge of the nest & get on the big perch today. These are the 3 best pics:

I'm exhausted. I spent the morning fighting with the window blinds in the kitchen to get them down & scrub them outside. Then put them up in my mom's bedroom. That took nearly 2 hours! And, I did a load of laundry.
Then, I took one of the panels off of the skirting so I can get under the house. Of course, I saw no leaks near that panel, but I didn't go under there yet. I need to clean all the cobwebs from the opening, but really didn't feel like it today ... I really think there is a leak somewhere under the trailer, but it's not in that area. I'll have to try another one tomorrow.
After that, I pulled weeds for about 20 minutes. And, scrubbed the birdbath & refilled it.
I'm not doing anything else today! I didn't even get to go to the dog show at the local fairgrounds. Won't be able to tomorrow, either, damn it!
8:30 pm
The neighbor's puppy just got cornered under my truck by a cat & got slapped silly. You'd have thought he was being gutted! Poor baby.

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