Saturday, May 8, 2010

May 8, 2010

Here it is after 11 & I don't feel like I've accomplished much. Took Jorgy for a walk to the mailbox & back. She did really good, other than panting a lot! First time she's walked the entire way. The previous walks I carried her on the way back.
I've been trying to write a paragraph for the last 10 minutes, but my mom is driving me NUTS! She is cleaning everything in the big tank & boiling the gravel ... I don't care for a step-by-step explanation, for crying out loud!!!!! Leave me alone, I have other things I want to get done today!
I got a loaf of Velvet White Bread on the dough cycle in the bread machine right now. I have the ingredients ready for a loaf of Italian Herb Bread & also a Lentil casserole for dinner tonight.
Now, I am going outside to clean the blinds from my bathroom.
The blinds are clean & hanging on the fence to dry. And, looks like the dough is ready to take out of the bread machine for a rise before I move it to the loaf pan.
What am I going to eat for lunch!? I'm starving. I didn't have a snack earlier & I should have. Need to get back into the habit ... I need to make a smoothie, too! Ooh, I'm going to have a soybutter & black raspberry jelly sandwich using my cinnamon raisin bread I made yesterday. Yum! With a fresh banana/mixed berry smoothie!
I listened to all of James Marsters albums this morning & am listening to Anything Goes cast recording now.
I think I'll set up the laptop to watch Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat on the TV in a few minutes. The white bread is doing a final rise in the oven before I start baking it. The herb bread dough is mixing in the bread machine & I have a yummy smoothie to drink!
That was fun to watch, but I need to find another copy. This one, the audio was out-of-synch ... bummer. Will do a search later. Or, even better find my VHS copy ...
Now, my mom is bugging me to scrub the bottom of the fish tank because she can't reach it! I'll do it tomorrow since it is supposed to rain & I won't be able to do anything outside.
The white bread is done. The herb bread is in the final rise in the oven. It'll be a small loaf. I need to adjust the recipe to make a bigger loaf.
I need to bring the blinds in from outside. I'm sure they are dry by now. Then, I am going to read outside for a bit. The neighbor is in his backyard weeding, so the wildbirds are absent ...
Herb bread is done. Smells so good in here! I have the lentil casserole in the oven. I should have done it earlier so we could eat at 5. It'll be closer to 6 for dinner tonight. Simple ingredients, hope it's good!
I'll be making Chocolate Raisin Cookies tomorrow. Not sure what else, yet. But, something, since it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Oh, I have a Garlic Fries recipe I want to try!
I better take pics of the bread before my mom cuts anymore off the loaves!

Dinner was very good. The casserole turned out good, although I had to add some extra water about half-way through. Made Garlic Toast with the Herb Bread. Yummy. And topped it off with blackberries in whip cream for dessert.

Not the best picture ...
I finally got all my exercises in for the day! Yay, me!

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