Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010

I'm so tired! I already vacuumed, scrubbed the inside of the big fish tank, fed/watered all the critters, did a load of laundry ... still more to get done! I want to start on baking cookies, but my mom is still messing around in the kitchen & gets underfoot worse than Candace! So, I will wait ...
The clouds are starting to move in for today's rain ...
And ... my mom ruined the $60 filter by boiling the motor housing ... great!
The cookies are baking! First tray is in the oven, with 3 more waiting. They are Mrs. Fields' Chocolate Raisin Cookies. I don't eat anything with chocolate very often, but this was the next recipe in the cookbook.
Baby Dove is stretching his wings today! Learning how to flap & stand up in the nest.
The cookies are pretty good. Not overly sweet, either. Here are before & after pics!

I tried to get a pic of Baby Dove testing his wings, but he's evasive! He sees me coming and stops!
It just started raining! Wish it had rained earlier like I thought it would or I would've planned to take Jorgy for a walk to the mailbox again this morning.
The rain only lasted about 20 minutes ... sucks.
The garden needs the water!
Went outside to read for a while, but the breeze came up & chased me back inside! I got about 3 chapters read, though!
All the gravel from the fish tank is nearly dry. I spread it out on the porch on a towel after my mom boiled it earlier. I'll bring it back in soon & pour it back in the tank.
Found a recipe for Navajo Fry Bread that I want to try this week. Along with those Garlic Fries I mentioned before.
Got all the gravel and decorations back in the big tank. Water will wait until I can afford to replace the damn filter ...
I'm so tired, I want to go to bed now. But, I'm going to stay up to watch Desperate Housewives, of all things! I hate that show ... but, I can't miss anything with John Barrowman in it! He's so good in it!

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