Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reset the mouse trap with fresh cat treats and pheromones. I like these little black traps. Seem to work better than my big green one. Both are live traps. I take the meeses out to the rural area about 4 miles from here to release them. I'm going to buy 2 more of the black traps at the Davis Food Co-op when we go this weekend. They are $2.75 each.
Here's a good article about buying your food locally:

Organic Connections organicconnect Bringing Back Locally Grown Produce | Organic Connections Magazine http://bit.ly/apRXRX

I try to buy as local as possible and am getting better about it with every shopping trip. Sadly, there is no co-op here in Woodland, although my mom says there was one when I was a baby. She remembers pushing me in the stroller to shop there, but could never buy much as we only had 1 car at the time (I soooo don't remember my dad ever having only 1 car when I was little!!) and my dad was the 1 to take it to work (& park it all day, since he drove truck!) But, I am so happy that I found the Davis Co-op, as it is only about 10 miles from us.
Love Dr. Mercola's articles and health tips. Here's one:
mercola HEALTHBIT: Mercury #amalgam fillings are primitive 19th-century devices, but they are still widely used in the United States.

All of mine have broken and fallen out, leaving gaping holes. I've started researching dentists in my area. I have found only 1 who doesn't use amalgams, so far. I really need to get my teeth fixed, but with no money ... I know I should have used part of my homebuyer's rebate to get started, but needed food and to pay bills and such more.
Had half a baked potato and popcorn shrimp and half a banana for dinner with raw whole milk. Stuffed. Will have homemade lemon ice cream later.
I try to Twitter A Critter as much as possible. You should try it!
  TweetACritter Good morning! Ready to help a shelter pet find a home with just a tweet? Let's go! http://TwitterACritter.com

I just twittered this cutie:
Kristina needs a home! http://bit.ly/9sGPoK

Ooh. Good coupon from PetCo on some quality dog treats:
PETCO $1 off printable coupon for new Gourmet Tails Everyday Indulgent Dog Treats. They're nom nom good. http://bit.ly/gtcoup 
Phil Lempert has some good articles and love his new product videos. Here's an apple article:
PhilLempert Happy TUESDAY! Do U like APPLES? They are a nutritious&delish snack! A SUPERFRUIT..what R UR favorite varieties? http://pub.vitrue.com/Fpy 
Ooh, new pics from Glee! Can't wait until the new season starts. Such a fun show.
AfterElton New "Glee" Photos Released! http://ht.ly/18NSO3
I did not know this! I'll have to look more closely at the signage in the produce sections to see if my usual stores carry any of this. I do buy some of their raw milk cheeses, etc.
OVhelp http://cot.ag/bvsnBC Did you know that Organic Valley offers fresh produce? Look for our sticker on your grocer's fresh produce.
I didn't get any real exercise done today, other than walking through stores and back & forth to the car. Be right back. Going to jump on the mini-trampoline! 

There! Did 20 jumps on the trampoline. Then refilled all my pill boxes with my vitamins and herbs for the next 3 weeks. I need to get more Whole Foods multi-vitamin or something similar at the Co-op. Will take the label with me.
RodaleNews DROP & GIMMIE 15! A few minutes a day could keep you slim and in shape- http://ow.ly/2xmlF
Method Man is going to be on CSI again this season. I love his character for some reason! 
SpoilerTV CSI: Las Vegas - Episode 11.02 - Pool Shark - Press Release http://goo.gl/fb/G2Smz

I'm going to miss JJ ...
SpoilerTV Criminal Minds - Episode 6.02 - JJ - Press Release http://goo.gl/fb/P8CgM 
I'd love to make something like this, but there is just no room in my yard and we don't get enough rain throughout the year to warrant it:
greenoptions How to make a rain barrel! Perfect for fall showers. http://bit.ly/diiqyC

This is an excellent article and so true. If you have ever visited factory farms and small, old-style farms you would know the difference in the sanitation. I've been to both. I choose old-style any day! I've been to dairy farms where old M&Ms and sawdust were part of the feed-mix for the cattle. There were piles of the stuff taller than me! Where's the nutrition in that. And, the smell ... I can still remember it 25 years later.
MotherEarthNews The Root of Our Food Contamination Problems: http://bit.ly/aPnIWp
Good dogs!
kcranews kcranews Police Dog Bites Wanted Parolee: A wanted parolee who tried to hide in a shower was bitten by a Sacramento police ... http://bit.ly/cXzUHK
kcranews kcranews
Barking Dog Alerts Neighborhood To Burning Home: A yapping Chihuahua alerted a neighborhood to a burning Rocklin h... http://bit.ly/dloMU2
I hope they get this going again. Such a waste of money warehousing proven killers indefinitely!
kcranews kcranews CA Moves To Resume Death Row Executions: California officials are moving to begin executing death row inmates agai... http://bit.ly/cFPdjb
Ah, decisions, decisions ... I hate that the Glee reruns are on at the same time as Make It Or Break It. Will watch Glee and then get a download of MIOBI. Can't miss Anthony Starke! 

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