Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Little shit crawled out from under our big wooden console TV about 5 minutes ago. Panting like she was dying. How she got under, I'll never know. I looked behind it. I kicked it. I called her until I'm hoarse, inside and out. Went to the shelter to look for her. Walked the park. Looked in and under every cabinet, dresser, closet, desk, bed in this place. She didn't even come for a cookie or to beg us at dinner! She is not a skinny little dog. She's 8 lbs. of odd-shaped dog. My cousin always said she was a potato on toothpick legs. There is a 2-inch gap under the back of that TV. She must be part rat with a collapsible skeleton ... little shit. Wasted my ink printing out flyers ...

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