Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010 - Lunch time!

Well, it's actually after lunch time. I just got home and need to find something to eat. I hope the spring mix lettuces are still good. I can have a salad if they are.
I got all my mailing done, so I am caught up on swaps. And, took mousie out past the high school to release. And, picked up my mom's Rx.
I found a recipe this morning for getting rid of the gnats that seem to like our indoors. Going to make up a batch after lunch. Found it here:
Going to hunt up lunch now. Bummer. No lettuce. Having the old standby of salami and Ritz crackers again. I'm so lazy.
Elder's Meditation:
"As we start to walk the Red Road and as we develop ourselves as Warriors, a song will come to us. This song is given to each of us from the Great Spirit. Whenever we sing this song, we will receive courage and strength, not only for ourselves but if we sing this song for others, it will also help them. The song will give us power and make us feel really good. The song will make us see life in a sacred way. If you don't have your song yet, ask the Creator in prayer if He will give you your song. With the song comes a responsibility - the responsibility to act and conduct oneself as a Warrior according to your song"
Daily OM:
"The more we accept our darkness as one part of the picture, the more easily we can also allow and accept our light."
I'm very upset and very hot. Jorgy has disappeared. I've been searching for her inside and out for 2 hours. She doesn't always greet me when I get home, but she usually wanders out from her pillow after awhile. She didn't today. My mom says she fed her at lunchtime and I got home about 1:45, so sometime between those hours and now it's nearly 3 and she can't be found, even calling out 'cookie'! I'm going to print up flyers and go to the shelter (which is just down the street) This is not what I wanted to do today ...

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