Saturday, September 18, 2010

September 18, 2010

7 am - Busy morning already. My mom fell in the bathroom. She's bruised, but not broken luckily. Candace went potty in the bathtub, so my mom was cleaning it out and miss-stepped.
No mice over-night, yay!
Starting my first load of wash for the day. I think I'll have 3 again today.
Got my candle burning. Love vanilla.
Need to clip Jorgy and Candace's nails this morning.
Lots of vacuuming to do, too ... feathers everywhere. You'd think with less birds, there'd be less feathers. But, the 3 babies shed a lot!
They've been enjoying time out on the porch lately. Will take them out again today for a few hours.
Listening to old Hopalong Cassidy radio shows while having cereal.
It's not even 11 and I am exhausted. Dusted my office and the living room. Vacuumed the living room, my office, the craft room and the kitchen. Rode my bike to the mailbox. Lots of good stuff from my swapping pals and my Co-op membership card! Pumped up the bike tires. Swept the carport steps and landing, the carport, the driveway, the sidewalk beside the carport, the front walkway and front steps. And, cleaned all the deck and stair rails. And, finishing my 3rd load of laundry ... I don't think I'll do any more today.
My mom is making chicken quesadillas for lunch. I'm starving! I think I am getting a second wind, though and have some things to do later so might get them done!
Just finished reading a couple of chapters of Fool Moon while sitting on the porch. It's nice outside. I also took the old shutters apart (they were from my dad's house) and started sanding them. They are going to be on my bathroom windows when they are done.
Going to change the blinds in my mom's bathroom now.
Bills have started coming in for next month. So, I was entering them on my calendar and realized I didn't pay for cable last week! Haven't been late in ages, but it will have to be paid next week! EEK!
Did some cross-stitching and then some artwork for a couple of friends (captions.)
Finally caught up on all my surveys (missed out on some of them ...)
Dinner was okay. Half an herb-rubbed game hen and some bread. Very simple tonight.
Just soaked my feet in lavendar Epsom salts. Read another chapter in Fool Moon while doing that.

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