Sunday, September 19, 2010

September 19, 2010

It's raining this morning. So, I might not get to work in the yard today ... But, at least I'm not in Bermuda being slammed by Hurricane Igor.
I'm having Straus vanilla yogurt with some natural trail mix and raisins mixed in. Never tried it this way before.
I think the rain is already over. Time to take another mousie out for release and pick up yesterday's mail.
I can't believe I just joined another swap group. I must be nuts. I'm going to keep the post office in business.
Looks like the rain let up for a bit. Going outside to see what I can accomplish.
Damn. I was outside for 2 hours digging in the dirt. Time flew. It is really nice outside. Only about 66F. Sun is just trying to peek out from the clouds now.
Need food.
My mouth is on fire. Eating spicy chicken samosas ...
Caught up with email and tweets. Going outside to read for a while and hopefully finish Fool Moon by Jim Butcher. Then, I'll get some sanding done on the shutters.
Yay. Finished the book it was very good. Starting on Grave Peril by Jim Butcher now.
Need to find something to snack on ...
We're having pork roast with mac & cheese for dinner.
Well, we WERE going to have pork roast, but my mom didn't realize how late it had gotten. So, she cut it in thick slices and put it in the rotisserie. Much better to me!

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