Wednesday, September 22, 2010

September 22, 2010

No mice again!
I am going to start to get serious about making some more money online. I've got all these sites set up and have really ignored them badly the past year ... my Amazon sales have plummeted. Need to pick them back up. Need to get some crafts made to put on Etsy. Need to start advertising my Cafe Press site again, too ... haven't made any new graphics for that site in ages.
It's been a lazy day today. I serviced one store and did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Just been doing group maintenance and playing on the computer since I got home. I've been researching making my own stationery/envelopes and really think I am going to try doing this. I have everything to do it, except the deckle frame. I think I'm going to try lavender-scented when I start. Hope to get a frame next week, or make one. I also think I will get a couple of edging scissors and a trimmer.
I'm going to start making address labels, too. I've had all the software and labels for years. Just never bothered using all of it. I just need to make some room on this computer this week. I'm back down to under 20GB again! Going to remove a bunch of graphics right now!
I have a toothache in a dead tooth. Hate when that happens ... probably trying to get an abcess. Must remedy that ...
I can't believe it! The chocolate bar I bought for a swap melted in the car trunk ... have to find another swap to replace that tomorrow. Something that won't melt ...
Well, I eliminated or moved nearly 10GB of crap from this computer. I bought more ink today, so I am set to start making labels! Just need to get my butt in gear and figure out the software again.
But, right now, I am going to get ready to watch the season 6 premiere of Criminal Minds!!

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