Monday, September 27, 2010

September 27, 2010

Been trying to figure out which share gadget to use on this blog that will post to twitter and email. There are too many to choose from. Will work on that later. Need to find breakfast and then load the car up. No mice today!
My mom got 2 more tomatoes off the plants. I think the red tomatoes are nearly done, but the white tomatoes are getting a lot of fruit. None ripe yet, but getting there.
Been home a while and haven't really done much. Fell at Betty's and bruised my kneecaps and scuffed up my best pair of pants. Will have to get another pair Sunday when we go shopping. My ankle hurts too. Did get my store serviced and bought some more swaps and a few groceries.
The new neighbors still seem to have a water problem. Plumber is there now.
Have 2 stores to service tomorrow & a project in both. So, may be all day.
Just spent the past few hours sorting & packaging swaps to mail tomorrow. Also, made address labels for the swapees. It's helping me get practice on sizing the images on the tiny labels. They are turning out great, I think. And, most of these images I've saved for future sales.

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