Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010 - back from shopping

Somehow, I survived, or I should say my mother survived. Grrr. She always has to find things to complain about. They're too expensive. Why are their candles so expensive. They don't have the brands I like. Arrrgghhh!!! Still spent over $300! So, she obviously found some things to buy. She also spent $100 at Borders for books I could have gotten her for free on Paperback Swap ... it's always something with her!
I bought the latest Torchwood magazine (I am missing several issues, I need to track down, too!) & the 2 covers of the first issue of Titan magazine's Torchwood comic written by John Barrowman. Can't wait to find issue #2 (also has 2 different collector covers) written by John and his sister, Carole.
Elder's Meditation:
"In my innermost self, I know this to be true. I know of this oneness. The more I am free of doubt, jealousy, judgment, selfishness, anger, the closer I am to this oneness. When I am right with the Creator, nothing can touch me. When I am right with the Creator I always say the right things. When I am right with the Creator, my thoughts are always good. When I am right with the Creator, my actions are always good."
Looks like New Zealand was hit by a 7.4 earthquake this morning! Damaged buildings, a few injuries, but no deaths luckily.
Excellent article. Most people do NOT need the Rx meds they are suckered into taking. Many problems are due to deficiencies and can be corrected by eating right or taking supplements - look into alternatives before filling Pharma's pockets:
Organic Connections organicconnect
Is Your Medication Robbing You of Nutrients? | Organic Connections Magazine
Another great article explaining differences in treatments.

Herbal Remedies Vs. Conventional Medicine

I have been collecting Breyer horses since I was a baby. I don't have this one, but it is beautiful:
Breyer Horses breyerhorses
Well, it's the Friday before Labor Day Weekend and the last day of Palomino Week! We're closing it out with #867 -...
I do some of these things regularly, but I am definitely going to look into making a 'root cellar' under my trailer! Will have to figure a way to make it mouse-proof, though!
Rodale News RodaleNews
9 free, fun, and fuel-free things to do over Labor day weekend:
Going to go make a watermelon/strawberry smoothie and then get in some cross-stitching.

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