Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010 - good morning

Got a load of wash started.
I just deactivated my old MySpace account. I never really used it anyway. So, now I just have Twitter and this blog, which are the only things I've steadily used over the years. I never enjoyed Facebook or MySpace.
Forgot to say yesterday, I did 40 jumps on the mini-trampoline! Will try to get in that many today, too.
Damn, I am behind on my surveys. Just got a reminder from one of them. I need to catch up on those today or I may lose out on some money!
If you don't click for kibble, you should sign up! It's free and easy to help shelter pets!
Daily Thought:
“Keep a thing seven years and it’s bound to come in handy."
― Russian Proverb
It's supposed to get to 100F today. Ugh! I hope we get back from the store early enough that it's not too hot to finally finish sanding my bathroom cabinet doors, so I can start painting them.
Looks like the Carolinas lucked out and didn't get a direct hit from Hurricane Earl overnight, just some flooding. It's on it's way northeast now, so watch out New York and Massachusetts!
You gotta read this article! I've used canvas bags since the '80s, but still seem to end up with a bunch of plastic bags. This year I have started refusing them & it is helping in the waste I bring home.
Rodale News RodaleNews CA's plastic bag ban failed, but you can still take a stand against plastic pollution!
I really need to do some maintenance in my yahoogroups this weekend. Need to delete a bunch of files and change homepages a bit. Boring stuff.
Need to make me some breakfast. Guess I'll have the last of my cereal. Then feed the doves and then go to the Co-op!

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