Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010 - this evening

I finished sanding the bathroom cabinet doors finally! Tomorrow, I'll fill in the holes, sand them down and start painting them!
I just made my mom the smoothie she wanted ... "it's good, but it stinks."  ARRRGGGGH!!! She always has to complain. Smells like apples and bananas to me.
Leftover spicy quinoa and pine nuts with apple/pecan stuff chicken breast is yummy.
I did a 2-minute breathing exercise and did 20 jumps on the trampoline so far today for exercises. Will do more in a bit. I'm going to cross-stitch for a while.
So glad to be done with dark forest green in my cross-stitch. Have moved on to turquoise. Pretty.
Going for a 15 minute walk and another 20 jumps on the trampoline now.
Whew! I'm hot now! I planned out in my head as I walked how I'm going to rearrange all the stepping stones in the yard once I get to that part of my landscaping. I think I might have a few leftover stones when I'm done. We'll see!
I think I'm going to turn on the air now!
The FlyLady is great! I love my timer and do a lot of things 15 minutes at a time & I do get a lot of things accomplished little-by-little:
Two Minute Miracle

So, now I'm going to go spackle for 15 minutes!
Finally caught up on all my surveys!  Made about $3 cash and a bunch of points.
Now to do some more exercises! Chair exercises and some time on the exercycle reading, I think!
I am done with exercising today! Did my chair exercises and face exercises. Then read a chapter of my book while riding the exercycle: 12.5 mph; 3.6 miles; 15.28 minutes; 175 calories burned!
I need Jamie to clean my kitchen floor!:

I'm having this for dinner, but I'm baking it in the oven not the microwave:

Chicken Penne Alfredo - Tender strips of chicken breast meat with brown rice penne tossed in a creamy Alfredo sauce made with parmesan cheese.
I hope it's good. I've never tried it before. Got it at the Davis Food Co-op.
I'm having half a banana, too. And, Straus whole milk.
Ooh. Cool! Book 4 of the Dresden Files just got listed on Paperback Swap! I should have it in a few days! I'm about half done with Book 1. A fun read!

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