Sunday, September 5, 2010

September 5, 2010 - good morning

Caught another mouse overnight ...
I am finally catching up on all my surveys. I sure have missed out on a lot of points and some cash! :(
Interesting article on tea:
Andrew Weil, M.D. DrWeil
Preparing tea? Hold the milk
Last night my mom actually ASKED me to make her a banana/apple smoothie today. She always says she doesn't like smoothies! So, I'll make one for her at lunch time.
Whew! Just finished weeding for about an hour (after I took the mousie out to release) and am sweating to death! I had no breeze again out there & now my mom says the breeze is coming up! Poo!
Elder's Meditation:
"As we view the world today, it's easy to see the people are off track. We are no longer living in harmony. Focusing on the material only leads us from the path of the Creator. We must now pray for ourselves and the people in a pitiful way. We must be humble and ask the Great Spirit to intervene because if we don't, our children will continue to have troubles. They are acting out our behavior as adults. Today is a good time to start. We need to get the spiritual way back into our lives. We need to focus on the spiritual."
When I took the mouse to release earlier, I stupidly walked into the top corner of my car door when I was getting back in. I now have a big bruise on the front of my shoulder ...
I'm going outside to read more of Jim Butcher's Storm Front and the gardeining magazine I got in the mail yesterday. Hopefully, I will finish sanding that cabinet door, too.
Oh, I got some lovely stuff from one of my swap groups in the mail, too. Love the apple-cinnamon candles.

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