Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010 - this afternoon

Well, I got 2 stores done. I released the mouse. I also dropped off my mom's new Rx at WalMart, bought a swap gift, & recycled a few bottles/cans. I tried a new recycler today. Won't go there again. They don't pay enough. I think I may start going back to the place I used to go in West Sac. There are no good, reliable recyclers that I can find here in Woodland. Very disappointing.
Came home and cleaned the mouse trap and sprayed down another section of wall. I did a section yesterday, too. Lots of cobwebs and other crap clinging to the siding. Lots more to do, a little each day.
I'm going to go out and clean and refill the hummingbird feeder and all the ant bait traps (those work great!)
Another great article from Dr. Mercola:
Dr. Mercola mercola
If You Have High Levels of This - You Have a 65% Higher Risk of Alzheimer's http://ow.ly/2AlNm
Interesting book article. I think I'd like to read the reissue of this book when it is released:
AfterElton AfterElton
Book Reviews: The First Gay Teen Novel Ever — and the 40,000th Novel About a Gay Hustler! http://ht.ly/18TZXL 
  Got all the fresh ant bait filled and fresh sugar water for the hummers. I'm searching for a good natural bug spray recipe for spraying on the outside plants now. But, first I have to reboot the computer and modems as the damn connection is still screwing up!

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