Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September 7, 2010 - this evening

I am sooooo tired of my Incredimail crashing all the time ...
Dinner was good. Rotisseried pork spare ribs and half a baked potato and half a banana and raw whole milk.
Need to finish off the lemon ice cream so I can make strawberry tomorrow.
Did 20 more jumps on the trampoline, and then rode the exercycle and read a short chapter in Jim Butcher's Fool Moon. 12.6 mph; 1.4 miles; 6.36 minutes and burned 69 calories.
I just gave up on my wireless connection and plugged in the ethernet cord to my laptop. I have bandwidth!
Love this! And, I so agree with him (except for the vaccs)! Hate flourescent lights ...
matthew gray gubler GUBLERNATION I'm contemperphobic (scared of most things modern) prefer the fine craftsmanship and charm of things made long ago. yes I invented that word

matthew gray gubler GUBLERNATION Seriously, no offense modernity, I love TV, the interweb, vaccinations, and whatnot but I'll take this.... http://yfrog.com/1ao3jij

matthew gray gubler GUBLERNATION ...any day over this... http://yfrog.com/3uj1jaj 
matthew gray gubler GUBLERNATION But truthfully, this is my favorite... http://yfrog.com/5gohrscj 
Shit. I missed the Glee rerun tonight ...
Wow. The corn industry is getting desperate with their corn syrup commercials. "...Sugar is sugar." Bullshit. The calories may be the same, but the way a body processes the different types of sugar is NOT the same! Greedy idiots. And, 'they' wonder why the US has an obesity problem ...

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