Monday, October 11, 2010

October 11, 2010

Taking the day off. I'll be taking lots of pics and listing things on Listia and probably Etsy today. And, making more envelopes for the rest of the Hallowe'en cards I made yesterday.
I have so many things I want to list! I'm going to start off with some vintage soap and perfume bottle on Etsy, I think.
Then, some thank you for your sympathy cards on Listia.
And, of course, the battery on my camera died ...
Free: 16 assorted greeting cards
Vintage Faberge Savon Straw Hat soap in case by quingem on Etsy:
Vintage Eau de Cologne Zen by Shiseido bottle by quingem on Etsy:
Free: 5 Ebony Witch Hallowe'en cards with envelopes - homemade
10 am
I finally have the square garden plot cleared! I start on the Lily garden on the other side of the fence next weekend. It's so over-grown with weeds that most of the calla lilies are stunted. Hope it doesn't take too long to clear it out. I received a box of daylily bulbs from Brecks that I ordered in June for that area and haven't even opened it yet because I can't plant them.
No more outside today. The wind has really come up! My eyes are itching!
Wow. I already sold the bottle I listed on Etsy and also have bids on everything I listed on Listia this morning! Must find more things to list after lunch!
The wind is awful outside. Had to take my leaf garland down before it blew away. I keep having to unroll the flag as it keeps wrapping around its pole! 25mph, with 40mph gusts!
I think I've decided what to give out for Hallowe'en this year! Annie's Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks
More listings:
Free: Stargate SG-1 The Price You Pay by Ashley McConnell paperback book
Free: The Glades Sunny With A Chance Of Homicide paperback book
Free: Best American Gay Fiction 1996 by Brian Bouldry paperback book
Free: Abbott & Costello in Africa Screams DVD (NIP)

Free: Red Dress lined memo pad (NIP)
Free: Hallmark Honeycomb Bell (1)
Free: Nobel Eagle 9/11 ceramic magnet
Free: Lipton Green Tea Mesh Tea Bag Envelope  
Free: Blank Rolodex refill cards (NIP)
It's been an enjoyable day listing my auctions and creating things. I hope I have the energy during the week to put more up. But, I will probably have to wait until the weekend, as the next 4 days will be full of work.   

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