Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010

The hollow winds begin to blow,
The clouds look black, the glass is low;
The soot falls down, the spaniels sleep,
And spiders from their cobwebs peep.
Dr. Edward Jenner (1749–1823)
The wind is still blowing today, but not nearly is badly. Maybe I can put my leaf garland back up this afternoon. Have to work today. Hopefully, I can get done fairly quickly with the 4 projects I'll be doing today ...
It's gotten pretty hot today and the wind is not helping cool anything. I need to turn the air on ...
Starting to get calls from Wave, so I better use my savings to catch up that bill. And, somehow I need to pay the PG&E and the house insurance ...
Got the Wave bill caught up completely. Now I won't lose my cable or internet. Now just have to find money to pay the other 2!
Came home to wonderful news of the Chilean miners being rescued and DADT being shut down. Good news!
And, I have a winner on my label auction on Listia! I got 80 credits! Wow!
I just made a chart of all the pills my mom takes. Far too many. I want her to stop a few more of them soon that are just redundant or dangerous. But, she seems to be running out of some too soon, so I want to make sure there's not a problem.
Glee was fun tonight and as always, Chris Colfer was a stand-out!
2nd Chilean miner on the surface. I'm crying. This is wonderful.

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