Thursday, October 14, 2010

October 14, 2010

Well, I'm going to attempt to get yesterday's store serviced today. So, it will be a long day getting 8 projects done there ...
But, before I even go, I need to go to the insurance company and get my house insurance payment made so it won't be late. And, catch up my PG&E bill.  It was due last week, so not too late. Then, I'll be all caught up on my bills. Then off to the PO to mail all my swaps and Hallowe'en cards.
I've got bids on nearly all my listings on Listia! I'm getting a lot of credits, but there really aren't a lot of things available there that I want to spend them on ... dilemma.
I'm still waiting on a response from the gal I won a book from yesterday, so I can pay her. And, need to hear from the winner of one of mine that just ended so I can mail the item - need their address.
I am exhausted. Was 6 hours in 1 store today and did 8 projects. Tomorrow, I hope to have a much easier day. 3 stores with no projects. Should be home about noon or 1, if I am lucky.
Got home to most of my Listia auctions closed with lots of credits! Fun!
Need to go through all of them after dinner and get things packaged.
I spent nearly $40 mailing things this morning. Then went to pay my home insurance. I paid a bit extra, so I only owe $200 and will be caught up for the year. And, paid the PG&E. So all my bills are caught up! Yay!
Now, if I can just get the $400+ still owed to me this month from various sources ...
CSI was creepy good tonight. I love when they have continuing storylines where the killer gets away for a while & things are wrapped up tidily in 42 minutes. My favorite will always be the Miniature Killer, though.

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