Thursday, October 21, 2010

October 21, 2010

Well, another day off that I didn't expect. The store I was going to do today was having inventory, so will do it tomorrow. But, I did get gas, went to the PO and bought some more swap items.
Just started my first of many loads of wash for the day and also flipped my mom's mattress for her.
I think this day is flying by too quickly! Need to get lunch and then will be listing some things on Listia and hopefully, Etsy.
Free: Christmas Wreath address labels
Free: Doodle Address Labels
Free: Fall Maple Leaf Address Labels
Free: Shadowplay Foal Address Labels 
Vintage acrylic key chain
Vintage silver cross keyring 
I'm amazed at the amount of damage to the Roseville Galleria mall today. It has been burning for 8 hours. A guy torched the Game Stop store and it spread to the attic before the police could detain him and allow firefighters in. What a mess.   
It just started raining here in Woodland. Wonder if it's raining up in Roseville.
Definitely going to list some vintage jewelry on Etsy this weekend. I have several pieces picked out to start with. 

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