Friday, October 22, 2010

October 22, 2010

I am shocked and amazed at myself. I finished the reset today at 12:45! I was quick!
I finally saw the male hummingbird! I've seen the female a lot lately. But, they both came around a few minutes ago when I took Jorgy out. I didn't sit down on the step like I usually do because I knew it was wet from the rain. I guess I looked threatening standing up because the both cussed me out and didn't feed while I was standing there. I'm tending to think they may be Black-chinned Hummingbirds. Still can't find good pictures that look like them, though.
Listed a couple of things on Etsy:
Shadowplay Foal Address Labels by quingem on Etsy:
Doodle Address Labels by quingem on Etsy:
Christmas Wreath Address Labels by quingem on Etsy:
Fall Maple Leaf Address Labels by quingem on Etsy:
Kokopelli Address Labels by quingem on Etsy:
I will be designing more address labels this weekend.     
I'm watching a bunch of blank address label auctions on eBay. I am running out!
Watching Supernatural. No Castiel. I really don't like the show as much when he's not in it ... and I REALLY don't like the direction this episode is taking.
Yeah, I'm so not a fan of all this vampire bullshit that's all the rage these days. Wish the show didn't go there this ep.

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