Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October 27, 2010

I just can't get in gear again. I've been awake since around 2am when my mom's TV went on full blast! She did it again at about 4am! I was so pissed. I couldn't really get back to sleep. Finally got up at 7 and felt like crap. Still do. I am freezing. It's only 43F and only up 1F in the past 2 hours ... going to start a load of wash, now.
I had to get my electic throw blanket out of the closet. It's too damn cold right now. I haven't had time to adjust to this drop in temp.!  I feel like going back to bed and crawling under my big electric blanket!
Still don't feel great, but going to have lunch in a bit. Scrambled eggs & O'Brien potatoes with chicken pieces in it. I want a smoothie, but it's too damn cold!
Shit. I can't believe I just bid on a book on Listia that wants me to pay for shipping if I win ... And, it's not even the one I want! I really need to pay better attention! I hope someone outbids me in the next 5 minutes ...
Darn. I won ...
Must keep an eye on that free shipping!

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