Sunday, October 3, 2010

October 3, 2010

1pmWell, I am beyond broke now. My mom buys so much crap! I sure hope I get my security deposit rebate and my oil royalty check soon. I am nearly 2 months behind on my cable/internet & still have to pay car and house insurance and the PG&E! I may have to use the little bit I have in savings to get a couple of them paid this week. Sucks.
Why in the hell does my mom have the rodeo on! Hate rodeos ...
I'm going outside and see if I can get anything done out there.
I need to make fresh ant bait for outside ... just not in the mood right now ... but, it needs to be done. I have 3 traps to bait.
We haven't had any mice for almost a week now.
Read another chapter in my book (I'm on Book 4 of the Dresden Files - Summer Knight - by Jim Butcher) out on the porch and did some sanding on the shutters.

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