Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 30, 2010

Nice day. It rained a little bit this morning, but is just cloudy now. Mrs. Hummer just buzzed me and Jorgy a few minutes ago. She really doesn't like when I stand by the steps. If I'm sitting she doesn't mind and stops to eat.
Made iced raisin biscuits and having 2 for lunch. Will have some cinnamon yogurt, too.
I've done 3 loads of laundry today.
Did 10 counter push-ups this morning. Will be hitting the trampoline after lunch.
Recovered my broken tail light with clear packing tape. Someday I might be able to buy the replacement ... it's been over 2 years, though.
Read a chapter in Summer Knights while riding the exercycle. 12.4 mph; 2 miles traveled; 9.53 minutes and 99 calories burned. Also did 10 jumps on the trampoline, worked the resistance rings and did all my chair and face exercises.
I spackled another section in my bathroom. I might just get the room finished by the end of the year!
And, I trussed a chicken to put on the rotisserie for my mom.
Mr. & Mrs. Hummer both buzzed me when I took Jorgy out. Mrs. Hummer hovered about a foot from my face and finally went on the other side of the feeder to eat! :)
Dinner was yummy. Organic rotisseried chicken and cranberry/raisin dressing on the side.

I need to walk to the mailbox tomorrow. I didn't go this morning because of the rain.
Mmmm. Strawberry cheesecake for desert! Looooove cheesecake.
Didn't get my new movie watched that I won, so will have to watch it tomorrow.
I can't send or receive mail for some reason. GMail keeps giving an error when my Incredimail tries to contact it ... annoying.

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