Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31, 2010

Couldn't get yesterday's blog post to post last night, but it is up now. Had some kind of connection problem or something last night. Couldn't send or receive mail either.
All working now.
Just finished getting the deck set up for the goblins tonight. Also cleaned the birds' cage and changed them into the other one for the winter. It's drying out back now. It's a nice, sunny day.
Rode my bike to the mailbox. I had 3 of my Listia winnings waiting for me! Embroidered Christmas ornaments, hollyhock seeds and a swap gift I got for someone. I also got a little candle from one of my swap groups. Good mail.
I need to move some things around in the shed, so I can put the rest of Papa's tools in there before it rains again. I want to put the rest of the empty bins in there, too. Better get to it!
I am worn out. Got all the above done and I can still walk inside the shed. Surprised myself! I even got the tools to all fit in the red tool box on wheels! I also put the empty 18-gallon bins stacked in there (4 of them) and the bird's summer cage!
Have my lunch in the oven. Leftovers from last night.
I need to get some labels printed for a friend in one of my groups and then get a few things listed online. I need to get started on the old jewelry.
The channel my mom is watching is playing a bunch of old Vincent Price movies. Good stuff. The Tingler just started!
I won a nice dreamcatcher on Listia. Now waiting to see if I won a CD that I'm want to list on Swap-A-CD.
6 kids, so far ...
For dinner, my mom made a delicious Oriental-style dinner. It had cut up broccoli florets, artichoke hearts, chicken and rice steamed in a foil packet with butter. Yum. Told her to make it again!
I got to reading fanfic this afternoon and didn't get anything put up on Listia.
5 more kids ...
2 more kids ...
3 more kids ...
Not bad. 16 kids. And, I don't have too much candy leftover. Everyone got 1 sucker and 1 pack of fruit snacks.

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