Thursday, October 7, 2010

October 7, 2010

Well, I have to work today. Still don't feel quite up to it.
My mom fell again this morning. I have to get her some no-slip rugs for her bathroom today.
Spent 5 hours doing 4 projects in a store today. Same tomorrow.
Bought 2 no-slip rugs for my mom this morning. Will throw out all the others.
We have a huge lemon cucumber on the vine. Didn't think we would get any as the vine flowered a lot, got a few tiny cucumbers below some flowers, but none were maturing. Well, ONE is huge. It was hiding behind a decoration hanging on the porch, so hadn't seen it before.
Having Trader Joe's chicken lasagne for dinner.
I get sooooo sick of the media pimping vaccines for big Pharma. And, the signs in front of every drug store and pharmacy pushing vaccines for everyone! Ridiculous!
More than $16. to mail some of my swaps tomorrow. I may have to rethink this hobby ... :(
I got my ballot in the mail. I need to fill it out this weekend.

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