Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

Today was exhausting. Would have only been in today's store for a couple of hours, but the darn receiver was being a bitch and wouldn't scan my glasses in! So, had to wait around for over an hour until the manager told her to get it done!
Glad I have 2 days off. My shoulder is bothering me today.
Mailed 8 swaps out today and received 5. Got a cute Hallowe'en wind sock I will hang up tomorrow and a pair of Hallowe'en socks, among some other things.
Can't wait for Supernatural tonight. Castiel is back! My favorite character! Love Misha Collins!
I really need to change the water pitcher filter tomorrow. And, clean the furnace filter and the ducts. And, the hummers need fresh food.
Wow. Just saw a commercial for FreshPet. My dog and cat love it, but only 1 store near us carries it and not much variety. Maybe more stores will pick it up if they are advertising on TV now. It's fresh, refrigerated food.

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