Friday, November 26, 2010

November 26, 2010

Well, I'm sick. My normal November nearly every year. Last year I didn't get too sick, but was dealing with the nearly broken ankle. Hopefully, this won't move to pneumonia this year as it has in the past ... damn weather changes ... my head wants to explode and my throat is sore and breathing is bad.
It's almost 2pm and I still feel like crap. But, I did get more stuff up on Listia! Still have so much more I want to list there and on Etsy. Just no energy. I need to get my Christmas cards made this weekend and cookies made. But, I have to make sure I am well enough to work next week! I only have about 5 stores to do, but one of them has about 6 hours worth of projects to get done Monday ...
Now, I feel like I have a fever ... great ...
Trying to win another dream catcher and a bow & arrow. Hope the bids don't go too high.
WooHoo! I won the bow & arrow!!

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