Friday, December 24, 2010

December 24, 2010

My back went out the other day, so was not in the mood to play on here for a few days. I'm still hurting bad.
But, I have also been busy working on my online stores. I just opened a storefront at I really like Listia, but I am spending more money than I can afford with shipping so much. I'll still put some things on there, but I am going to give this webstore a try, too. Etsy is slow and not sure what all I want to do there right now. I know I will put my crafts on there when I start completing them. I just really don't think I want to get back into eBay at this time. I'm still really leery of that site, for some reason.
The beautiful horse picture that I won on Listia arrived today. I was really surprised at how big it was and such great condition.
Well, I must clean the fish tanks before I do anything else.
I got that done. Earlier, I also went to the post office and got 2 loads of laundry done.
I caught up with all my surveys. Now I need to respond to a bunch of emails. It's already after 3pm. Where has this day gone!
I just shared and deleted a bunch more Incredimail stats. I'm down to 848 stats in my stylebox and about half of those are my own creations that I am keeping. I hope to get all the others gone over the weekend. Not going to snag any more. But, will still create and share my own stuff.
Starving. Having fried shrimp with veggies and orzo mix.
I have a LOT of listing I need to get done tomorrow. Vintage jewelry and TV tubes mostly. And, a lot of labels and other printed stuff.
 Other than that, I only really need to do more laundry and clean the bird cage.
I think I will probably re-open my QuinGem's Qurap Yahoo group tomorrow and close the group that is dead. Darn lurkers.

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