Saturday, December 4, 2010

December 4, 2010

It's been a nice day. I was able to break into my shed - hacksawed the lock - only to find that the keys weren't in there! So, they are still missing. Traded the birds out to the other cage. They are much happier. They flew around in the house for about 30 minutes. Got some good exercise. Hosed off the green cage. Will get it put in the shed tomorrow.
My mom and I got some of the decorations put up. I got all the outside ones up. And, she got the tree unboxed and the branches straightened out. We'll put the lights and ornaments on it tomorrow.
I won some shell beads and abalone beads and some yogurt coupons on Listia earlier today. I need to go through some more jewelry tomorrow and see where I want to list it. Found another lock-box I had forgotten about with lots of old jewelry and also another with old coins and paper money. Probably should list those on Etsy or eBay ...
I have a terrible ear ache that started last night. It's much worse now. I hope this ear drum doesn't burst like the other one did.

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