Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011

I just added a few little things to some of my stores:
At my Listia store:
Clay Pot Clown Project Sheet. Check it out -
Crocheted Bear Project Sheet. Check it out -
Crocheted Throw Project Sheet. Check it out -
Knitting and Crochet Booklet. Check it out -
Pretty Thank You Cards (NIP). Check it out -

At my Zibbet store:
Cute Framed Musical Cross Stitch Kit (NIP), by 'QuinGem' on Zibbet -

At my Bonanza store:
Breyer Stablemate Mustang (NIP):
Breyer Stablemate Peruvian Paso (NIP):
Breyer Stablemate Tennessee Walking Horse (NIP):
Breyer Stablemate American Spotted Draft Horse (NIP):
Just an FYI. And, I am only going to say this once! I WILL NOT GIVE OUT MY PHONE NUMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not want yours'. I do not like phones. I do not hear well. Phones are in invasion and an aggravation to me. Do not ask me again. When someone is told no, it means no. Do not comment on this on-list or off, just accept it. Thank you.

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