Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Didn't work today. Went to JoAnn's and got some black earring findings, some memory wire and stuff to make some cute plastic canvas watermelon coasters. By the time I was done there, I started feeling sick ... so, didn't go to service my Rite Aid down the street from there. So, stopped at BelAir and got a few things my mom wanted and came home. Will have to work Friday. I am not working tomorrow. I never work on my birthday.
My stomach is starting to feel better. There is still a breeze going, but not the winds we had. So, I will be going out later to fix the skirting that pulled loose yesterday.

Damn. Got outbid on a huge seed bead auction. Sad.

Bunch of my own auctions ending today. Getting ready to start packaging stuff to mail on Friday.
Have lots of address labels to print up for winners.

Just finished a fun SG-1/Mag7 crossover, Only The Strong Survive by JJJunky.
And, another of the same crossover, Ain't No Fun.

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