Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The wind was awful all night. The trailer was shaking. Happy I found no damage outside this morning.
I am sooo tired of my Incredimail crashing.

I felt like I was going to get blown off the road in my little car. That wind is fierce today! Still shaking the house.
Made scrambled eggs and hash browns and toast for lunch. Dropped an egg on the floor. Messy.

Damn wind has loosened the siding in front behind the brick planter. I'll have to repair that tomorrow if the wind has died down by then.

Another good Mag7 OW Gen story from JJJunky! Bitter Silence.
Cashed out another survey site. $36. to my PayPal!! And, I got $30 iCard at another site! Plus, had enough credits left to donate 10 trees!

I feel so tired right now. This wind is awful.

Another excellent Mag7 OW Gen story. Cruel As The Grave by JJJunky.

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