Friday, February 11, 2011

February 11, 2011

Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep! Hate when that happens. Just too many things going through my head!
I tried doing this blog without putting the date in the title the past couple of days. But, I hate how it links to the first line of the blog ... so, have to remember to put date in the title field.
Cold this morning. 36F. Hope it warms up a bit by the time I'm done working today. I want to pull more weeds. They took over so quickly the past week.
I have to go to DMV before work today to pay the car reg. Have to break into my quarter stash to mail out all my swaps and auction wins. Waiting on some PayPal money to transfer to my account.

I can't seem to warm up this morning. I have my little space heater on my desk blowing, my electric throw on high and my eyeballs are cold ...

Damn. It's colder. Down to 35F.

Hmmm. Looks like Mubarek has left Cairo! Good. Now if they can get rid of the other guy.
My mom has been driving me crazy. She thinks she wants this thing that's advertised on TV called a Neat Organizer. Why!? She can't use a computer! I would end up having to do it. And, I can do the same thing WITH my computer ... stupid.

I don't want to go anywhere!

Well. I paid for my car reg. $118. But, they don't give out extensions anymore (red tags) if you don't have the smog done and can't complete the registration! So, if I get pulled over after this month, I just have to show the paperwork, I guess. I know I won't be able to get the smog test done until at least next week. And, if it doesn't pass ... oh, well. At least I won't get charged late fees for the registration since it was paid on time.
Got my Rite Aid serviced here in town.
After lunch, I went out and weeded the driveway. Just got done. I'm exhausted. I hate how it looks when there are weeds coming up along the front and side of the driveway in the seams. Looks good now. Tomorrow, I start on the corner planter area. My eyes are itching so bad I had to take an allergy pill when I came in. While I was outside, I met Martin's new baby. She is 2 weeks old. Don't remember if he said her name! They have 3 boys and now a girl. And, I also met the new puppy that lives on the other side of them. A tiny wire Jack Russell named Stick! Kept running over to see what I was doing. They have another little terrier named Puppy. Martin's 2 dogs are a Chihuahua, Sweetie and a bull mix, Pookie! Obviously, these people have kids. Poor dogs. Such undignified names! haha!
I have to remember to rub coconut oil on my hands tonight! Forgot last night. So dry! I have put it at the front of my bathroom sink to remember.
I received the silver aglets I won last week. Now to get a bolo braided and find a slider I want for it. Maybe in a couple weeks.
Got accepted into 2 swap-bot groups over night. Have a couple more I am waiting on. One is for dotee dolls and one is for craft patterns.

I am so hungry. Only had a pecan butter and raspberry jelly sandwich for lunch. Don't know what we are having for dinner. Should I ask? Yeah.
OK. We are having burritos with the taco rice leftovers in them. Good.

I am so tired. But, I want to watch Supernatural before I go to bed. Supposed to be an Old West one!!
Trying an acai berry tea with honey that I got in a swap. It's not bad!

Disappointed. It wasn't the Old West ep of Supernatural tonight after all. Bummer. And, no Castiel, either ... boooooring.

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