Saturday, February 12, 2011

February 12, 2011

Didn't sleep to bad. I remembered to take melatonin last night.

I just got Arctic Blast from one of the Pando Groups. Will check it out later and then share it.

Rode my bike to the mailbox. Just one piece of junk mail! No good stuff! I'm so out of breath now. My tires were low from the bike sitting so much. So, Martin offered to air them up for me. Stick came from his yard to help! Such a cute puppy. Found out the new baby is named Macy Grace.
Going to sort my recycling and put in the car once I can breathe ...

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Just got the neighbor kids in trouble. I think the 5 y.o. is acting up because of the new baby. He and one of his buddies climbed my fence (it's only 3 feet tall until I have the money to raise it as planned) into my backyard and were goofing off. They ran off when I went out. Went to get Martin and he caught them pulling Pookie's trolley line down in their backyard! Oh, boy.
I hope they go in for a nap soon so I can go out and weed!!

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I weeded for about an hour. Trimmed a few plants. Still have a lot to do in that corner. Doesn't look like I made a dent! Damn allysum acts like a weed ...
Going to needlepoint for a while now.

Just finished making a new jewelry set:
Brassy Blue Glass Necklace & Earring Set by QuinGem on Zibbet:

I have started working on my first plastic canvas project! It is a set of 4 round coasters with a watermelon design. They are cute! I am making them as a swap on swap-bot. I have until 2/25 to mail them. I should have them done well before then.

I finished my first coaster! It's kind of cute. There will be another pink one and 2 red ones in the set.

I'm going to close up now and watch Arctic Blast.

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