Sunday, February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011

Doing a lot of uploading to Pando and 4shared and burning some disks today. Have to make more room on my HDs. Getting crowded and sluggish.
Going to walk to the mailbox now. Breathing is too crappy to ride my bike today. Hope I got something good in the mail yesterday. Our mail comes in the afternoon, so I always get it the next morning.

Not too much in the mail. Got 4 ATCs from a swap and 4 vintage postcards I won. And, a $10 WalMart gift card from one of my survey companies! Better than the day before!

OK. Not much weeding today. Too cold out there in the shade. Only 48F!  Eek. I didn't realize that before I went out there. But, I got a 2x2 foot patch totally weeded! So much more to go, though.
Time for needlepoint and Arctic Blast!

Aw, hell! I burned Arctic Blast in the wrong format and it won't play on the dvdplayer!!! So, Magnificent Seven it is ...

Watched the last disk of Mag7 ... still miss that show. Can't wait until Eric Close's new show, Chaos, starts. And, Anthony Starke's Make It Or Break It takes such long breaks between episodes!! Don't like that show, just want to see him!
Loading Arctic Blast to megaupload site and will try to burn it again later. I'm also loading a bunch of files to my 4Shared site to clear more of my HD.
Charging my eReader. Haven't touched it in months. Battery died. I want to move some of the craft files and maybe some audio files onto it.

Missed out on bidding on some tomato red round glass beads! Bummer. Waiting to bid on some amber beads now ... hope I don't get distracted again!
Found a great way to keep my feet warm!! The water bottle my mom found the other day. I filled it up earlier to lean against in my chair for my back. But, it was TOO hot and made my back itch! So, I set it on the floor under my desk and was going to let it cool down a bit. Then I put my feet on it. Ah, warm toes!

Yay! I won some pretty purple glass beads! And, I won the amber beads!!

Finished another watermelon coaster!

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